Friday, July 18, 2008

At Work With Emory Mulling Discusses The Blessing And Curse of Electronic Communication In The Workplace

No matter whether you’re at your desk, driving home from work, or having a cup at your favorite coffeehouse, we’re surrounded by electronic communication, constantly in touch with our co-workers and bosses, as well as friends and family. On today’s show, we’ll be talking about the use and occasional abuse of these tools, as well as how they affect our communication styles and approach to communicating with others.

Everyone knows a story about a voice mail or email that should have never been sent, or sent to the wrong person. What kind of news is it appropriate to deliver electronically, and how about the old fashioned concept of walking down the hall and having a face to face conversation?

The average worker will be devoting 41% of the workday to e-mail by 2009, managing 170+ e-mails per day. And while electronic communication makes our workday and workspace more flexible, many people end up ruining 'family time' by constantly checking their PDA for work related email on what would have been down time in an earlier, analog era.

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