Friday, July 25, 2008

At Work "Live Blogging" Today!

What comes to mind when you think of your boss? Are they a mentor, thoughtful colleague who runs interference for you and supports your work and your goals, your career dreams?

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have that boss. Today on At Work, Emory Mulling will be taking your calls, live to talk about The Boss From Hell – horror stories and strategies about how to deal with the boss who throws you under the bus, leaves you out of the loop, or puts you on double secret probation, or otherwise makes things tough At Work. So whether you work for Bill Lumbergh at Initech or someone even more troublesome, we want to hear from you and offer solutions today on At Work with Emory Mulling, coming up right after news from NPR.

If your Boss from Hell has the office phone-tapped, then submit your questions or comments here. We’ll be checking the blog throughout the show (live-blogging) to read your submissions.