Friday, March 13, 2009

Diversity is Here to STAY

Celebrating Diversity in the workplace, makes employees feel appreciate for their uniqueness, but acknowledging similarities fosters a more cohesive workplace, forging common bonds amongst colleagues. Most of these connections come from interpersonal interaction. In order to strengthen those bonds, Susan Heathfield suggests:

Take a look at your coworkers or reporting staff with new eyes. Think about the factors that you share in common with them. You'll find:

  • You're all human beings with complex emotions, needs, interests, outlooks, viewpoints and dreams. Share something about yourself to create an environment in which your coworker wants to share information with you. Listen and don't pry. Polite and continuing interest in your coworkers contributes to workplace harmony.

  • You have family and other interests outside of work. Hear what your coworkers tell you about their personal lives. Remember the highlights to demonstrate respect and interest.

  • You have similar needs from work as demonstrated above in The Human Capital Edge. Acknowledge this and note the commonalities.

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