Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are Layoffs Coming? Protect Yourself

Layoffs do indeed "Wreck Lives." Companies have been cutting back on employees to save money for quite a while, but the present state of the economy makes that even more of a reality. This week on At Work, Emory Mulling discusses strategies for making yourself "Fire Proof" in today's job market. Tune in at 3:00PM this Friday, only on GPB.

Layoffs affect employers just as much as employees, so the following links provide helpful info on how to avoid laying off employees all together:

Avoiding Layoffs in a Down Economy

A Creative Way to Avoid Layoffs

Celebrate Boss Day

October 16th is Boss's Day, so this week on At Work with Emory Mulling, we're celebrating great bosses. Call in, or leave a comment on the blog, about what your boss does to make working for them a pleasure. Tune in (or listen over the internet) today at 3:00PM only on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Your Source for engaging and informative talk radio.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Handling Conflict At Work

As with any other place of human interaction, conflict is bound to occur at work. Whether its as trivial as not replenishing the coffee pot or arriving late to work, these issues must be addressed before they snowball in to all out "Cubicle Clashes."

Most issues in the work place can be solved with lessons learned years ago in the sandbox such as, playing nice with others, or waiting your turn. Womenwork.org has a few tips for working through office discrepencies:
  • If a conflict is between you and just one other person, try to work it out between the two of you, rather than bringing others into the conflict.

  • In a workplace, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and don’t put people down.

  • Give credit where credit is due; if someone has helped you on a project or proposal, make sure others are aware that the person deserves credit for helping.
For more from them, click here. Emory Mulling addresses these issues and more on At Work, this Friday at 3:00PM. Listen on GPB Radio, or on the internet here. Leave your questions for Emory in the comment section of this blog and he'll address them on air.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At Work Internet Tip Of The Week-EmploymentDigest.net

Employment Digest is an online resource filled with short, too the point daily articles about employment issues, workplace and career advice. These are quick reads that can give your career quest a daily quick start. You can search the site for articles by topic. Click here for a look at the site.
Join Emory Mulling and Cheryl Ayers Friday at 3pm for GPB's At Work when we take your calls about how you can resolve conflict on your job, whether with co-workers, your boss, or other dicey situations on the job. Avoiding conflict doesn't always resolve it. Join in with us for the discussion, live, Friday at 3pm on your local GPB Station.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How's Your Campaign Going?

You may not have to deal with photo shopped pictures of yourself on the internet like Sarah Palin, but your own "brand" is just as important as any politicians. With social networks and blogs abound, an employer simply needs your name to potentially view all of your activity on line. This can be particularly dire for young professionals as they transition from student life to that of a working adult. Embarrassing photos or generally unsavory information will turn off an employer, no matter how well the interview went. The best solution for this problem is to avoid it altogether.

Individuals that are particularly web savvy can take this situation and make it an asset by creating a blog or some other online content the positively reflects them in the eyes of employers. For instance, an aspiring music critic might start a blog about popular music with album reviews and industry news. This approach can also work wonders for entrepreneurs. A photographer blogging about photos they have taken has potential exposure to millions of possible clients on line compared to paying for ad space and reaching only a few thousand pairs of eyes.

This week on At Work, Emory Mulling fields questions about how to go about developing positive PR for yourself in the job market. Tune in to GPB on Friday at 3PM. Leave your questions for Emory here in the comments section and he'll answer them live on air.

Monday, September 15, 2008

At Work Internet Tip of the Week: indeed.com

Emory Mulling and Cheryl Ayers introduced our weekly At Work Internet tip of the week for job searches and career related issues with a short discussion about indeed.com. This site's look and utility is similar to Google, but with extensive links to sites about job trends, salaries, and forums for people looking for work and discussing workplace issues. We encourage you to pay them a visit to see if your job search can benefit. Let us know if you find something useful there by emailing us here.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Job Searching in a Down Economy

The politicians may be afraid to use the "R-word", but we all know the economy is in bad shape. Unemployment rates are higher than any other time in recent history. However, there are still ways of landing a job in the current economic climate. Some career fields never slump no matter the state of economic affairs. Article Base has a listing of careers that fit this description including; teachers, CPAs, and Healthcare professionals.

Tune in to At Work this week as host Emory Mulling and Cheryl Ayers discuss tips on how to find jobs in a down economy and how you can kickstart your career. Airing this Friday at 3:00PM on GPB Radio.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Today on Consumer Call-In:

Shawn Conroy from the Governor's office of consumer affairs and Cynthia Johnson of the public service commission join Valarie Edwards as they discuss the unseen victims of the nation’s foreclosure crisis. What happens when the home you’re renting goes into foreclosure? Plus, a consumer alert about selling your car, when you still owe money on it. And we’ll have the latest consumer news you can use. All this on Consumer Call-In with Valarie Edwards.