Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Behind the Scenes " At Work"

At Work

"Dresses For Success"

Last Friday the talent behind At Work participated in the show's theme of
"Dressing For Success." Our Guest,Career Fashion Consignment shop owner, Judi Gerhardt spoke about the importance of appearance in the workplace.

At Work Host Valarie Edwards along with our resident career counseling experts, Brandon Smith and Emory Mulling, were on hand to answer questions live from phone callers.

At Work Co-Producer Myriam Levy and Phone Operator Amanda Scott decided to spruce up their look for the office as well.

The At Work team took the initiative to exemplify one part of the At Work Career Makeover Challenge. Our career makeover candidates will be mentored through the process of re-creating themselves to become more marketable in their job search and career.

Join us this week when we talk about personal branding. At Work airs live this Friday at 3pm on and on 88.1fm Columbus,Ga. Log on to for how you can listen to GPB Radio on your local GPB Station.

On the next At Work: You INC.

(Fill in the blank)

Your most personal product is you... On the next At Work - Brand You. Become the best you, you can be. Our experts are ready with advice - here to answer your workplace questions. Join us for the next At Work this Friday at 3 here on GPB.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

At Work says: Dress For Success!

On the next At Work, for some, Dressing for Success has meant the old standard...dark suits and power shoes. On this week's show, how "Dressing for Success," has taken on a whole new meaning.
Hear what local hiring managers have to say. That's at work this Friday afternoon at 3pm on GPB, or log on to our chat room at to post your comments.

Also, meet local business and clothing shop owner, Judi Gerhardt. After Hurricane Katrina, Ms. Gerhardt has had to rebuild her consignment business more than once and will be talking about starting over and recreating your passion during times of disaster and recession . For more information about Judi log on to