Friday, July 25, 2008

At Work "Live Blogging" Today!

What comes to mind when you think of your boss? Are they a mentor, thoughtful colleague who runs interference for you and supports your work and your goals, your career dreams?

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have that boss. Today on At Work, Emory Mulling will be taking your calls, live to talk about The Boss From Hell – horror stories and strategies about how to deal with the boss who throws you under the bus, leaves you out of the loop, or puts you on double secret probation, or otherwise makes things tough At Work. So whether you work for Bill Lumbergh at Initech or someone even more troublesome, we want to hear from you and offer solutions today on At Work with Emory Mulling, coming up right after news from NPR.

If your Boss from Hell has the office phone-tapped, then submit your questions or comments here. We’ll be checking the blog throughout the show (live-blogging) to read your submissions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Boss from Hell

Whether in retail, corporate offices, or a factory, the Boss from Hell can take up residence in any workplace. Most people have a horror story or two about working for a "Bill Lumbergh" or "Miranda Priestly" at some point in their career. A Gallup poll that surveyed over 1 million employees in America concluded that the number one reason people leave their job is attributed to their boss or direct manager. This week on “At Work”, Emory Mulling discusses how to make the most of working for these deplorable dictators and what we can all learn from them.

Join us this Friday at 3PM with Emory Mulling on “At Work” and be sure to phone in to 1-866-RADIO-GA (1-866-723-4642) as we will be taking your calls live. Can’t wait until Friday to vent? Leave us a comment here by clicking the “COMMENTS” button below.

Friday, July 18, 2008

At Work With Emory Mulling Discusses The Blessing And Curse of Electronic Communication In The Workplace

No matter whether you’re at your desk, driving home from work, or having a cup at your favorite coffeehouse, we’re surrounded by electronic communication, constantly in touch with our co-workers and bosses, as well as friends and family. On today’s show, we’ll be talking about the use and occasional abuse of these tools, as well as how they affect our communication styles and approach to communicating with others.

Everyone knows a story about a voice mail or email that should have never been sent, or sent to the wrong person. What kind of news is it appropriate to deliver electronically, and how about the old fashioned concept of walking down the hall and having a face to face conversation?

The average worker will be devoting 41% of the workday to e-mail by 2009, managing 170+ e-mails per day. And while electronic communication makes our workday and workspace more flexible, many people end up ruining 'family time' by constantly checking their PDA for work related email on what would have been down time in an earlier, analog era.

Join Emory Mulling at 3pm today as we discuss these issues and take your calls, live, on At Work. Call The GPB Talk Studio at 1-866-RADIO-GA, that's 1-866723-4642.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Valarie Edwards Hosts The Return Of The Consumer Call In Show on GPB Friday at 3pm

At Work with Emory Mulling is on vacation this week, and in its place GPB is bringing back a longtime service for our listeners:

Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Live Monthly Consumer Call-in returns to GPB Radio on Friday, July 11 at 3 PM. For over a decade, the program has provided a valuable service to listeners. The program will be hosted by Award-Winning GPB Reporter Valarie Edwards, who will conduct interviews, take listener calls and offer consumer tips.

The upcoming show will feature Bobby Baker of the Public Service Commission and Shawn Conroy of the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs. These representatives will answer consumer questions at 1-866 RADIO GA (1-866-723-4642).

Make sure to tune in to GPB Radio Friday, July 11 at 3 PM to find out about the latest consumer scams, tips on saving money and other helpful advice.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dealing With Vacations At Work

It’s the beginning of summer vacation time, which means that many employees will be preparing for their summer vacations. Many of you will also be helping your co-workers with their workloads while they are out.

In today’s “flat organizations,” where most people work in teams, vacation planning has become a large-group affair and results in time-off traffic jams. Some 59% of workers have to coordinate their vacations with co-workers before they go, says a recent survey of 1,015 full-time workers by Harris Interactive for Kronos, a workforce management concern. And more than one in five say their vacation requests have been denied because a co-worker had already asked for the same time. This may be one reason more than half of U.S. workers fail to use all their vacation days each year, says a 2007 study of 1,082 workers by Hudson Highland Group.

At Work With Emory Mulling will take a vacation of our own, stepping aside for the July 4
Edition of Fresh Air and then the return of the GPB Consumer Call In Show with Valarie Edwards on July 11. Emory Mulling will be back, live, to take your calls on workplace issues on Friday, July 18 at 3pm.