Friday, May 14, 2010

Using Social Media To Land that JOB!

Social media websites are popular for promoting events and businesses and is also used as an important networking tool amongst different entertainment and career based industries. Because of this access to a large number of influential people, the unemployed and employed alike are using social media to search for and land their next big gig.

On the latest At Work show, we discussed the do's and don't s of using social media and listened to successful social media users give advice and ideas on how to increase your chances of landing the job you want, through the world of "friending" and "following," on websites like Linkedin and Facebook.

1. Completely fill out your profile.
Give as much (good) information about your skills and talents as you can, to attract that potential employer. Make them interested in you.

2. Ask colleagues and industry peers to write a recommendation for you.
Recommendations from others that have worked along side you gives a future employer an idea of what to expect from you if you decide to work for them.

3. Have credible references listed on your profile. People that have a background in your industry or presently work in that industry have knowledge about the kind of job you are seeking and therefore can give a more accurate account of your qualifications for a specfic position. And of course, past fellow employees know your work habits. (Be sure this person is someone who LIKES you.)

4. Become a member of a few industry groups that are available on that social media site.
Join the conversations in these groups and on these forums. Your input may catch the eye of someone seeking a new expert in their company.

5. Write a good headline and job title on your profile to get the attention of a potential employer.
You want to JUMP off the screen. It's a possibility that there are hundreds and even thousands of people who have the same industry experience as you. A great profile headline separates you from the rest.

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