Monday, September 14, 2009

More Tips for Mompreneurs

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5 Tips for Mompreneurs

1. Start with a clear vision

For a vision to be compelling and inspiring, it needs to be more than just a list of things you are going to accomplish. For a rich vision to move you it must be about what you’ll do – and who you’ll be – and how you’ll impact others’ lives.

2. Have a plan that works for you

The idea of a traditional business plan can be intimidating. What’s key is that you’re clear about your goals, that you have them on paper, and that you have a timeline in which to accomplish those goals. The plan and the timeline will undoubtedly change, but having a timeline and a taskline will keep you moving forward.

3. Create a success support team

Ask for help. Delegate whenever possible. Even if you are bootstrapping, be alert to “partnering your weaknesses”—barter, trade, negotiate – get creative in outsourcing those tasks in your business that don’t require your unique talents.

4. Make self-care part of your business plan

Balancing business and family responsibilities requires that you treat self-care like any other business essential. Set boundaries with both the business and with you family. Have “office hours” for yourself (even if they are anything but “regular”) and stick to them. Schedule self-care “meetings” with yourself and honor those commitments.

5. Find a community of support

Don’t try to go it alone. Women seek a nurturing environment whether with family or friends and leverage relationships in a way that makes sense and moves people forward. Using your natural connecting abilities, and find a supportive environment, either online, in-person, or both.

Launching and Growing a Business during an Economic Downturn

In spite of troubling economic times, launching or expanding your business doesn’t have to be out of reach. Here are five tips to consider when making your decision to start or grow your business:

Organic approach. Connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and offering to exchange services to help each other’s businesses grow is a popular and effective strategy in launching on bootstrap budget. That is why it is so important to have professional organizations where you can meet and connect for support, tools and resources.

Side Launching. Transitioning from your full time job into your business is often a more comfortable starting point for entrepreneurs. Use evenings and weekends to start slowly on the side of your full-time job. This will give you the chance to measure success and determine whether your idea is truly viable before committing to it full-time.

Online Distribution of your product or service is often a more affordable entry point for those launching businesses. It reduces the costs of the traditional brick and mortar store fronts and allows for global accessibility to products immediately

Technology has changed the scope of how anyone can do business. Blackberries and Wireless Internet have made working from home or even the carpool line an acceptable method of doing business.

Investing in startup instead of stock market. It is possible taking a chance on starting a business or investing in a person you trust starting a business in some ways feels safer to those who are scared of the stock market right now.

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