Monday, June 22, 2009

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

Everyone needs a break, but can you afford to get away? On the next At Work: Vacation or Staycation? Can a temporary get away lead to a permanent lay off? How to pry yourself away from the workplace. We'll take your calls and answer your questions. Join us this Friday at 3 for At Work here on GPB....

Click here for tips on how to truly "get away" with a "staycation"

Schedule start and end dates. Just as you would with a vacation, schedule a beginning and ending for your staycation to make it feel like an official vacation. Otherwise, it runs the risk of feeling like just another string of nights in front of the tube.

Pack that time with activities. Plan a daily activity, and make sure something takes you out of the house — for fun — every day.

Declare a "choratorium." That means no chores! Don't make the bed, vacuum, clean out the closets, pull weeds — nothing. You're on vacation!

Take staycation photos or videos, just as you would if you went away from home for your vacation.