Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Your Network = Your Net Worth

This week on At Work, Emory Mulling tackles the subject of networking. Hard work and a shimmering resume can only get you so far. A strong network of business connections can provide support in times of unemployment or opportunities to advance in a career. Some of us aren't "social butterflies," so it can be difficult just to speak with people we don't know. Here's a few helpful tips from the good folks over at Business Pundit:

Do cool things.
Introverts typically don’t like to talk about themselves - we prefer to talk about ideas. Force yourself to discuss some of the things you’ve done. Don’t brag, make sure they are relevant to the conversation. Then the extroverts can talk about you and pass your achievements along. It gives you credibility in some circles. Yes, I realize you would rather be accepted for what you think and know, but the truth is that the world measures you by what you do.

Go regularly to things you like.
When I was living on the Space Coast, I went to a group called Founders Forum. It was for entrepreneurs and investors. I learned a lot at the meetings, but it took about 6 months for people to start recognizing me and saying hi. It was uncomfortable, being 23 in a room of mostly middle aged people. You just have to keep showing up, month after month.

Networking can be as simple as handing out a business card or introducing yourself to co-workers in the break room. Share your stories of how networking has enhanced your career by leaving us a comment.

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